English as a foreign language

Andy is an experienced teacher and teacher-trainer, having been doing this work in Croatia since he first travelled to Zagreb, in 1999. (Before that he had spent several years teaching English in Brighton and Hove, England, with shorter periods in Sweden and Guatemala.) But he is no longer taking new students for general language tuition, and now prefers to concentrate on teacher-training and pronunciation coaching.


  • As a skilled teacher of English pronunciation, Andy is available as a voice coach for those who speak English professionally. He is happy to give individual or group tuition to performers, or other students, who need help with improving or perfecting the way they speak English. He can help with both British and American pronunciation: he is a native speaker of the former, and has taught the latter professionally on the American continent.


    • He is also currently applying his extensive experience of teaching English to Croatian students and teachers by writing a book on the subject: The Trouble with English. This will take the form of a helpful guide to the pitfalls of English, written specifically for Croatian-speakers who are either learning or teaching the language.