Other skills and services

Jadranka holds fire-walking events on afternoons and evenings in spring and summer. Each event lasts just a few hours, and is designed to provide more than just a thrilling experience: it is an exercise in fear-management. It provides an opportunity for each participant to learn to cope with frightening situations, understanding that fear is sometimes unavoidable, but that it need never stop you achieving your goal.


Andy is an accomplished actor who has taken major roles in professional productions in London and Birmingham, England, for which he received positive critical notices in local and national press. His most recent public appearance was on Croatian TV, in the comedy series Večernja škola EU.


Andy has also written a book. Titled Cycling Without a Bicycle, it’s an autobiographical account of a life-saving journey of self-discovery in Central America. This book is not currently on sale to the general public, but please contact us if you would like more details.