Text revision and proofreading

This service is provided primarily by Andy, our native British English speaker, in consultation with Jadranka where appropriate. It begins with a text in English, usually either translated into English from Croatian, or written directly in English by a non-native speaker.


Because the two languages are very different, good translation requires a high degree of skill and experience. Similarly, writing directly in English will inevitably produce errors from even the most proficient of foreign learners. After investing your effort in creating the English text, it would be unwise not to invest a few kunas in having it polished to the highest standard, making sure it gives the right message in the right manner.


We work on a wide variety of texts:

    • fiction and documentary
    • general, legal and business English
    • official documents
    • technical and academic papers.

The technical fields with which we are familiar include banking and finance, quality management, law, archaeology and conservation, history, linguistics, philosophy, New Age thinking, performing arts, natural science and IT. However, if you have content of a different nature, please contact us to find out whether we feel that we could do it justice. (If we don’t, we’ll either decline the work or else charge extra for the greater investment of time required to maintain our standards.)


Text revision addresses the entire ‘feel’ of the English language used in the text. It corrects common mistakes in areas such as:

    • grammar
    • vocabulary
    • collocation
    • word order
    • style
    • register
    • conventions in correspondence.

It takes the text as close as possible to sounding like that of a native speaker.


Proofreading is the final phase. This corrects mistakes in:

    • spelling
    • punctuation
    • formatting.

The result is consistent, natural and accurate writing.


Andy normally works in Microsoft Word, using its “Track changes” facility. This allows him to return the text to you with all the changes highlighted. You can see what changes have been recommended, and perhaps use this to improve your own understanding of English writing, before accepting those changes.


Andy communicates with you, the provider of the text, by making liberal use of comments in the Word document. This has several purposes:

    • to explain why a change is being made
    • to offer alternative formulations for you to choose from
    • to check that he has understood the intended meaning.

The first of these purposes is to help you to improve your English. (This is a natural application of Andy’s EFL teaching skills!) The second gives you greater control over the final product. The third is very important: text revisers who don’t do this can’t be sure that the changes they are making are correct, if the meaning of the text isn’t quite clear. What’s the point of a document in beautiful English if it doesn’t have the right meaning?


If you prefer to work with a printed text on paper, the Word comments will be replaced by a face-to-face session during which we can make decisions on the final changes together.


Our standard fee for text revision and proofreading is:


         50 kn per ‘page’ of 1500 characters (including spaces).


Discounts apply to long texts, by negotiation.


Higher charges apply to:

    • urgent work
    • highly technical texts, or technical work in a field with which we are not familiar (see above)
    • difficult texts. By this, we mean texts of a lower standard of English, so that it is difficult, in many places, to understand easily what the text is trying to say. Again, this is by negotiation. In extreme cases, we will recommend that you have your original Croatian text translated instead.


We honour our deadlines!