We offer a high-quality service translating texts from Croatian into British English. Jadranka is a native Croatian-speaker, and Andy is a native (British) English-speaker. So we work together on this, combining our complementary individual skills, from the initial phase of rough translation, through to the final phase of proofreading. The result is a finished text that has been translated, revised, corrected and refined to native-speaker standard. There are cheaper translation services that take less trouble; but, if quality is important to you, we will not disappoint!


We work on texts in a wide range of types, including official documents, business correspondence and academic papers. We are competent in a wide variety of styles and fields, including fiction and documentary, general and business English, and in various technical areas. These include banking and finance, quality management, law, archaeology and conservation, history, linguistics, philosophy, New Age thinking, performing arts, natural science and IT. However, if you have content of a different nature, please contact us to find out whether we feel that we could do it justice. (If we don’t, we’ll either decline the work or else charge extra for the greater investment of time required to maintain our standards.)


Our standard fee for translation, inclusive of proofreading, into British English of native-speaker standard, is:


         150 kn per ‘page’ of 1500 characters (including spaces).


Discounts apply to long texts, by negotiation.


Higher charges apply to urgent work, and to highly technical texts, or technical work in a field with which we are not familiar (see above).


We honour our deadlines!


We also offer standalone text revision (by Andy) of English texts, usually either translated from Croatian or written in English by a Croatian native speaker. For details, please select the appropriate menu option above.